Past projects

ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards (2006)

The ClickZ Network site is published by Incisive Media. We were asked to implement this awards page for 2006. This involved writing a nominations page and a voting page. The site had to ensure that users couldn't vote or nominate more than once. A user could nominate and vote in many categories.

We also developed an admin interface for the client to view detailed and summary reports for nominations and votes, and to update when nominations and votes start and stop. The code will be re-used in future years.

The site was developed using PHP, MySQL and a proprietary CMS used in-house at Incisive.

“Thank you for all your help with this project our team have been delighted, this was one of the easiest set of awards they have run to date mainly due to the smooth running technology. The consistent level of contact and communication was helpful and appreciated”

Henry Perks — Director Online Operations, Incisive Media Plc

Luna Rossa
Luna Rossa (2006)

This site was fully designed and implemented by Endless Void for the restaurant Luna Rossa. We used a CMS (Content Management System). The use of a CMS means that it's easy to update menus and other content on a regular basis.

Private Equity Insight (2006)

Like the Insurance Directories project (see below) Private Equity Insight is published by Incisive Media, and again this is was a collaboration with Lateral Arts.

Our job was to create a large and comprehensive web application that allows its users to do extensive searches, generate Excel exports, charts, PDF reports and email reports based on individual user requirements.

We mainly used MySQL, PHP and JavaScript for this project (the use of JavaScript allows for a richer user experience than plain HTML).

Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect Wedding (2006)

The graphic design was done by a design company in the UK. I took the overall design (in the form of a PDF file) and converted that to the site on the left (click the logo to see it).

One of the requirements was that the portfolio page was quick to download. If you click on the 'portfolio' button you'll see the portfolio page. If you click on each photo a larger version will appear. Because some people still don't have broadband, the client wanted me to ensure that if a user clicks on a photo that it will be downloaded before anything else. This is sort of feature relies on hand-crafted code (image downlaods are put into a prioritised queue, and an image's priority is boosted if it's clicked on by a user).

I used PHP and a lot of JavaScript on this project (as well as HTML of course).

Insurance Directories
Insurance Directories (2006)

Another Lateral Arts collaboration. Incisive Media approached us to rewrite their Insurance Direcotry search system. The Insurance Directory data is published in paper form. The existsing website allowed users to view this data online, but it wasn't being updated on a regular basis. I wrote code that automated the process of importing the directory data from a Microsoft Access database into the web server. From there I wrote code that would generate pages for each directory entry dynamically from the imported database, as well as allow users to search all that data.

This made updating the website very easy - the staff at Incisive only have to click a button to upload their database and the website is automatically updated. This means their staff can focus on their Access database, leaving the website "to take care of itself".

All code was written using PHP, MySQL and the MDBTools suite (with a bit of C and sed thrown in!).

Sibelius Software (1997-2005)

“Yasir started at Sibelius Software in 1997 as a key member of the original team of 4 developers who designed and wrote the award-winning Sibelius music program, which is now the world standard application in its field. He has since been the main developer for substantial parts of the Sibelius program through several versions, as well as for other applications for Windows and Mac.

He’s an excellent and very professional developer, with an intelligent understanding of what is required and a great ability to design and implement a solution. He’s very reliable and works and communicates well with a team. His experience covers a wide range of technology including advanced C++, the C++ STL, Windows (95 to XP) and Mac (OS 7 to OS X) at the API level, and many specialist technologies such as PostScript/EPS, XML, MIDI, Netscape and ActiveX browser plug-ins, internationalisation including Japanese, etc. etc.”

Jonathan Finn — Founder, Sibelius.
Times Online in collaboration with Lateral Arts
Microsite offering iTunes vouchers from the Times Newspaper (2005)

We collaborated with Lateral Arts to develop the iTunes promotional microsite for Times Online, using PHP and MySQL. This was a temporary website, within the main Times website, which offered free iTunes music downloads to the general public. There were two aspects to the site: what the user sees (where they register and get a voucher for an iTunes download) and an admin section, where the adminstrator can add/remove/view registered users and make more vouchers available.

We've done a number of projects with Lateral arts and they're a great company to work with. Simon Whiteside, their CEO, is a top-class developer.

“Endless Void have developed a number of systems for us. Each time the outcome has exceeded our expectations, and been developed on-time and on-budget. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other companies looking for software solutions”

Simon Whiteside — CEO, Lateral Arts

Netaddress. Collaboration with Lateral Arts
Password-protected questionnaire system (2005)

We developed a password protection system by combining PHP, MySQL and the Apache mod_rewrite module.

“Both he [the client] and I are very happy with the work you have done and congratulate you on both meeting the deadline and producing an excellent script which meets every requirement fully...Should I have any other work with which you may be able to help, I shall have no hesitation in contacting you again. Once again thank you for all your hard work.”

Phil Horton — Netaddress
ActiveX/COM code for Bloomfield Computing (2004)

ActiveX/COM library code developed on MS Windows. The code was developed using Visual Studio .NET in C++.

“I engaged Yasir to develop an add-on for VB in C++. Yasir researched the subject and produced code to my specification in a matter of days (much to my surprise). Yasir was also incredibly patient in reworking the code as I reworked the specification!”

Dr. Peter Bloomfield — Bloomfield Computing
Radiocraft. Collaboration with Lateral Arts
Image manipulation application (2004)

We developed image manipulation code for the Copycoder device. Developed in PHP.